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Indian Tourist Visa


To obtain an Indian Tourist Visa, you will need to send:

A completed Indian Visa ApplicationForm printed from this Website only. If you are unable to download ourapplication call us and we will send you one by mail. The application may be filled out by hand. Please ensure the signature is identical to the one on your passport.

Two recent, quality, identical passport photographs (50mm x 50mm) taken against a white background (the background must be white!) and affixed to the space indicated on the application form.

Your valid original passport(s). It must be valid for at least the next 6 months when you apply for the visa, with at least two blank pages remaining. Non-UK nationals will also need to provide a copy of the following documents as proof of his/her stay in the UK for more than 2 years

Stamp of Indefinite stay. OR

Utility bills pertaining to Current month, AND One for at least two years back (but not older than 30months).

Utility Bills include only Landline Telephone, Gas, Electricity, Water, and Council Tax Bills. Bills and tenancy agreements, bank statements/credit card statements will NOT be considered as proof of stay.

Mix and match of the utility bills are not acceptable.

In absence of 2 years residence proof in UK, case to be treated as Non UK National € “ this takes a minimum of 15 working days.

For Person whose previous nationality was Indian before acquiring foreign nationality:

Surrender Certificate of the Indian Passport


lf travelled to India before, please

provide your previous Passport with Indian Visa

Our simple Indian visa application process means you can receive your tourist visa quickly.


No need to go to the Indian Embassy, we do all the queuing for you.

Your application is thoroughly audited; you can rest assured that any errors or omissions will be caught before your application is submitted to the Embassy.

Your passport is taken to the Embassy the day we receive it and returned to you the day it is completed.

India Tourist Visa
fees for citizens of United Kingdom

Type of visa Maximum validity? Processing time? Embassy fee Service fee Total cost
Single entry up to 180 days 3-5 business days £92.20 + £27.80 £120.00
Multiple entry up to 180 days 3-5 business days £92.20 + £27.80 £120.00
Multiple entry up to 365 days 3-5 business days £146.00 + £20.00 £166.00
Multiple entry 5 years 3-5 business days £146.00 + £20.00 + £166.00

Please contact us by e-mail or call us directly.

Download the India Visa Application

India Visa in pdf document format, please follow instructions above….

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